Kratom has been dominating the American as well as the European market, but with the surge in popularity, the concerns around its abuse have risen. It is not a new product but has been part of the South Asian cultural sphere for centuries. Only recently it has made its entry into the western market. Many of the people have been using it, but the most important question is regarding its abuse. There are conflicting theories about Kratom, but nothing can be established without understanding what it is. Furthermore, abuse also depends on how you use a certain product.


Kratom has been part of South Asian culture for a long time. It may be new for the European market, but people in South Asia have been using it for centuries. It is known for its recreational as well as medicinal purposes. Kratom helps in treating anxiety, depression, skin ailments, muscle strain, and mood enhancement. It opens the pores of the muscle and helps you to relax. These benefits are not just known to the native population, but also the entire world.


Initial use:

Kratom comes from the Kratom tree that is found in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. The strains differ from each other as the weather in the country is different. These strains have different effects on the body. The initial use of Kratom leaves was in ancient times when the local laborers used to chew on the tree leaves to get through the hard labor. This soon was adopted by the local practitioners to use in their medicine. They initially used it to treat injuries, but soon discovered its other benefits.


There has been so much talk about the Kratom Abuse. Can it be abused? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. First of all, you have to understand what Kratom is. Kratom is a fully natural product that comes from the Kratom tree hence it has very little potential for abuse. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you can exceed the limits. If you want to reap the benefits, you have to take Kratom in limited amounts. If you are a beginner, you should take Kratom in its limits. A high dose can have sedative effects, that’s why you should make sure that you are taking the adequate dose.


It is due to Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine that give Kratom the chemical properties. It is useful in treating a lot of ailments. Initially, the tree remained confined to the native population, but soon the new market opened up for it. Kratom was discovered by European explorers in 1849 but was given official recognition in 1859. Even though it remained with scientific experimentation, the tree became a favorite, and with the industrial revolution, it carved a special place in the overall picture.



Kratom is divided into three colors – Red, White, and Green. Though the product may look the same, these strains have different effects on the body. The color comes from the color of the main vein of the leaf that Kratom comes from. Among the three, Red is the strongest and can have intense effects on your body. The other two veins are less intense than red. If you are taking it in the right amount, then you will see the effects. You have to keep in mind that the taste is not pleasant, so make sure to follow it with a lot of water to wash it down. Furthermore, it is common practice to mix veins to create a different effect. White and Green Veins are often mixed with Red Veins and produce much-enhanced effects.

How to take Kratom?

Kratom comes in a lot of products. If you are not familiar with that, you should search it up. You should decide what kind of product you are getting, and once you have decided that, you can go ahead with the type of vein. It comes in Capsules, Soaps, Leaves, powder, etc. If you are taking it in a capsule form, make sure that you follow it with a lot of water. The best way is to take it by adding to the food. One of the benefits of adding Kratom to food is that it will help in consuming it as the fold will reduce the bitterness of the product.



There is nothing that you have to worry about. Kratom is a natural product, and it has very few addictive properties. If you are taking it in your limits, there is nothing that should bother you. It is also useful in treating opium addicts.


The dosage matters a lot. This varies from person to person. Even if you are a person who is taking Kratom for a long period, you should follow dosage instructions. If you are starting up, a dose of 1-3grams is enough, but for a medium dose, don’t exceed 6 grams, and a heavy dose is something that is above 7 grams. In no way, should you exceed your dosage.

Where to buy?

You can get Kratom from Gas stations, Departmental stores, smoke shops, and Kratom shops. For assistance, you can sue yellow pages, but if you choose online, there are a lot of things that should attract you. For a start, you can place your order with the manufacturer. Most of the sites are operated by the manufacturers, so if you are getting the order online, you can directly communicate with them. Furthermore, there is no way that you will be getting an adulterated product as the manufacturer will not ruin the reputation of their brand.


Kratom is no doubt a natural product, but if you don’t remain in your limits, you won’t reap the benefits. The best to do is to make sure that you are following the dosage instructions, and have it with food. You can add it to your shakes or any kind of juices.